LeRoy raised by his maternal grandmother and pastor, who was a very spiritual  woman  and teacher of the "Eternal Message of Life". LeRoy’s grandmother recognizes his spiritual abilities and gifts and assisted in developing the young man Christ-like mannerism.

LeRoy was very fond of religious radio broadcasts and began to listen to several of the leading churches around the nation. LeRoy’s intense desire to be "one of the greatest spiritual giant"  has been a life-long intention since early childhood. While listening to a radio broadcast with his grandmother, the young child was led to go into another room and tuned in to a televise religious program, which featured a leading evangelist and preacher, Rev. James F. Jones,  internationally as "Prophet Jones".  Leroy is a registered citizen of  Universal Triumph The Dominion of God, until Prophet Jones made his earthly transition. One of  Leroy's spiritual accomplished was getting saved and filled with the Holy Ghost, and publicly accepted his calling as a minister.

 Leroy's spiritual journey led him Universal Liberty in Christ Temple where Leroy became an member for over 25 years and served as the Youth Pastor, under the spiritual auspice of Rev. Ralph J. Boyd, who prophesize that Leroy “would change the world". LeRoy served as a  minister at Seth Temple COGIC where he was the radio broadcast announcer for 7 years, Assistant District Sunday School Superintendent and Young People Willing Worker President of his local church and in the 3rd District of  First Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction of Michigan

 LeRoy was appointed a shepherd in Oakland, Ca., in Triumph The Church and Kingdom of God in Christ where LeRoy served as the District Superintendent of The Advance School of Wisdom Auxillary, and also a member of the " School of Prophets" at the National level. LeRoy would later started his own church with 30 young men in a gym, which evolved to an inaugural service to the attendance of 250 worshipers, this spiritual community was known as "The Kingdom".

LeRoy was appointed to Los Angeles,Ca., to serve as a shepherd, where he met his soul mate; Detrich Brown Allen, a triumphant from birth, who complimented the ministry. Leroy was next  elevated as Spiritual Director of  "The Thankful Centre" in Toronto,Ontario.

LeRoy maintained the name of the ministry to honor and be a reformation and evolutionary vehicle of the "Life Message", whose meta physical principles constitute the revelation of humanity manifestation of immortality by the power of Holy Ghost and Truth.  LeRoy is a Life Coach, Teacher, Pastor, Motivational Speaker and is currently writing a book called "Spirituality is Simple". LeRoy is also developing self-help curriculum in the topics of  : The Bible understood Spiritually, Triumph Consciousness, African Americans Pentecostal/ Spiritual Experience in America, African Religion in America, The Art of Harnessing Vibrations,  Immutable Laws of the Universe, Universal Freedom and  Songs of Triumph.

LeRoy is an internationally sought after speaker, workshop planner, facilitator, retreat and conference lecturer. LeRoy has developed a vast international spiritual consultant practice, which has Divinely assisted individuals to transform to their highest expression.  LeRoy is also the host of a radio program on Blog Talk Radio, called "Divinely Connected".  LeRoy's is shifting the old paradigm and leading the world into the " Kingdom Consciousness and Lifestyle". The "Kingdom Message"  will be vehicle which will produce a world that works for everybody and where humanity's inherent ability to  harmonize with its Christ consciousness will bring manking to his Divine inheritance as the " image and likeness of GOD". 









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